Camp Wolfeboro Rd.
Arnold, CA 95223

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Sammie Mui

Very highly recommended for camping in the springtime! The hills are super lush and green, and you practically have the place to yourself! We were the only campers in the whole park! Very peaceful, as well. Not as grand a landscape as camping in the redwoods, but the oak trees are beautiful, as are the open skies.

One of the hikes takes you to the top of a mountain, and you can see the whole valley! (One of the trails led us to a windy paved street through the mountains, though, so be careful.) Beware of ticks!


Zack Yuen

There are cows, turkeys, and even rattlesnakes (!!) along the trail. My first time at Camp Wolfeboro I carelessly walked too close to a sunbathing rattlesnake, only to be startled by his very angry rattle. Definitely use caution when near the the trees and bushes - there might be rattlers nearby!

Wear lots of sunscreen, bring plenty of water, and wear good shoes with some traction - the trail gets slippery near the top, and shoes with some teeth will help prevent you from slipping.


Sarah Ching

This review is only for the trails and day use area. I have not used the campgrounds there although they do look really well maintained and nice.

There are plenty of trails and park maintenance is amazing. There are a couple of lakes where fishing is allowed, but they are a good hike away and neatly tucked in the mountains.

The trails are well marked and good for run/equestrian/biking. There are bobcats and you might get an occasional peek at a mountain lion. Even on sunny days it might be a good idea to carry a light jacket, it gets really windy at high elevation trails.


Ryan Lee

This is a great place for local camping. It's less than an hours drive from the South Bay Area and is very quiet and peaceful. We were able to book a Saturday night not too long in advance, even during peak summer seasons. Even though it was a severe drought year, there were not any red flag warnings during our stay, so campfires and bbq's were allowed.

We stayed in site #25, which had a nice view and shade in the morning, but was in the hot sun during most of the afternoon and early evening. The site was very large however, and we were allowed to park 3 cars on it with no issue. The bathroom facilities are very clean, some of the cleanest I've ever used on a camping trip. Amenities included free shower usage with warm water, waterless urinals, automatic flush toilets, and hand dryers that can be turned up to dry hair. The park was also dog friendly, as long as dogs were on leash.

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