For the search engine, I decided to base the search categories on the result of user feedback I recieved through an online survey I created for this project. Group Size, Activities, Terrain, Rating, and “Around the Area” were the 5 most popular choices people would be interested in while searching for a place to hike or camp.


Another important detail users wanted to see was actual images of the each location.
So I decided to make the search results in full screen as default and list view as an option.

As for the source of the photos, each cover photo per location will be the highest liked photo in the Venture community. This feature will engage users to be apart of the site and can create job opportunities as well for photographers.


Reading reviews is really important now a days on the internet. “Is it worth it? What do others say about it?” These questions always come up before I buy something or go to a new place. So why not allow users to share their experiences and images from their adventures on screen? To inspire others and inform others what they will expect and what they might need for their next trip.


All pages were designed to work across all devices and screen sizes for ventures on the go or at home. Having Venture as a responsive site will give users the freedom to search for new places to hike and camp anywhere at any time. I do have future plans on creating more mobile features for Venture to allow users to share their experiences as visual journals as a side project soon to come.