Team focused

As I was thinking about the team aspect of the app. I wanted each project page to focus on users that are relevant with your project. Rather than just showing everyone in your department and have random people on your project page that you don’t interact with during the teamwork process.

I also wanted users to be able to see everyone’s roles in the project on a hover state. Just in case people don’t know who or what each person does on the team.

Version Control Timeline

One of the most important aspects I wanted to create for this project was to make a version control system that was easy and simple to use. Our project files are precious to us and being able to see your projects grow over time is great for project documentation. Users will also be able to go back in time and redownload old versions of their work.

So I decided to create a timeline for each person in the group, as well as a timeline for the whole team with finished assets only. Users can upload to the timeline through a desktop sync folder or by a simple drag and drop.

Version Control For Everyone

Every version control system I found during my research was mostly focused on designers and developers. But there was a couple of positions which I thought would useful to have version control. Writers are a huge part of the content process and I thought they should be able to have version control as well. I also wanted them to have a way to send content to the rest of their team and recieve feedback seamlessly.

Project Customization

Every project you work on is different and unique. So I wanted users to be able to cutomize their project pages. Complementing the look, feel, and giving each project an indentity in the document process. This can help every user identify their projects through color and the cusomizable banners on each project page; so users don’t get confused on what they’re working on.

Team Reviews

Team feedback is important and I wanted it to be simple for every job position to recieve feedback and revise their project. Each user has the choice to send a project to review for their whole team or to individual positions.